How Do I Get a Copy of My Section 104 Agreement

When it comes to section 104 agreements, getting your hands on a copy can be crucial. But where do you start? Here`s what you need to know.

First, what is a section 104 agreement? This is a legal agreement between a developer and the local authority, outlining the responsibilities each party has in regard to the construction and adoption of new sewers. It`s required under the Water Industry Act 1991, and is typically put in place to ensure that the new development won`t negatively impact the existing sewage system.

So, if you`re looking to get a copy of your section 104 agreement, what should you do? Here are some steps:

1. Start with the local authority. The council or other local government body that approved your development will likely have a copy of the section 104 agreement. Contact them and ask for a copy.

2. Check your records. If you`re the developer or a representative of the developer, you may have a copy of the agreement in your records. Check any paperwork or digital files you have related to the development.

3. Ask the water company. The local water company may also have a copy of the section 104 agreement, as they`re the ones responsible for adopting and maintaining the new sewer systems. Contact them and ask if they have a copy on file.

4. Consider hiring a solicitor. If you`re having trouble getting a copy of the agreement through the above channels, you may want to consider hiring a solicitor. They can work with the local authority, water company, or any other relevant parties to obtain a copy of the agreement on your behalf.

Overall, the key is to be persistent and thorough in your efforts to obtain a copy of your section 104 agreement. It may take some time and effort, but having this important legal document in your possession can ultimately benefit you in ensuring that the development was constructed and adopted in accordance with all necessary regulations.